ENTRY SIX (June 11, 2004) "FIRST STEPS "

Today, the expedition team climbed near Lago de Angel in areas they approached in 1999, but had to wait until this trip to complete. Once they reached the lake, the rain came in force, so they sought refuge in a cave with a triangular-shaped entrance, a retaining wall outside and a stoned roof. Once the elements subsided they climbed above the lake to an Incan platform used for adoration of the sun coming from the east and the worship of the Panchamama, the Mother Earth. The ascent was difficult and throughout the day, they were ascending and descending throughout the day until they were way above the table land at the Plateau of Toporake- where they could get a view and strategy of where to head next. Guided by Paulino and Goyo, they returned to base camp where Alberto had lunch of a soup made with rice, potatoes, carrots and a chicken stock. It was 5:30PM. Though the showers were cold rain, everyone reported to be comfortable and well protected -indifferent to these climate changes.

~ Greg Deyermenjian