ENTRY TWO (June 7, 2004) "GEARING UP "

Today, there arrived a young Quechua-speaking man, named Alberto, to round out the team as an apprentice to Paulino and Goyo. Ignacio can't leave his post as Park Guard for the Parque Nacional de Manu, so Alberto was picked to take his place. We bought seven machetes this afternoon--three for the expedition, and four as gifts for the Machiguenga. The long machetes fit Goyo's cutting style, while the shorter suits better Paulino's swing. We also
bought tons of foodstuffs, from rice and "azucar rubia" (brown sugar) and packaged soups to pasta and oatmeal and sardines, as well as antibacterial soap in the "botica" (pharmacy) nearby. We look forward to wrapping up the transport logistics on Tuesday. Let's see what Tuesday brings; down here, in the most magical of cities, things can fall together quickly once it is deemed ready to happen...

~ Greg Deyermenjian