The 2004 Expedition Team was built from the same experienced, well-skilled, and dedicated group of explorers who began this journey twenty years ago, and a few new faces. The success of this year's expedition came from blending the best of traditional methods with useful, high-end technology. The crew applied the wisdom of the team's indigenous hosts to traverse unfamiliar territory and relied on mule power to carry a bounty of supplies and environmental gear over Peru's perilous mountain terrain. GPS technology guided their every move and documented the exact location of every discovery.

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Producer, Garrett Strang used an irdium satellite Motorola 9505 phone to report important milestones along the way. While there were days of thickened cloud forest cover that kept signals from reaching the U.S., the field journal notes were scribed each day. Check out The Field Journal to see the mix of all these elements come into play as you read through the actual notes taken at the end of a hard day's journey (See The Quest). The objectives of this journal are to allow you to share in this historical expedition and to experience daily life in the remote jungles of the Pantiacolla region of Peru. You'll also get personal insights first hand from team members; the wisdom of the machiguenga guides; and the impending dangers that are an inherent part of this mysterious jungle.

The team came home with more than Incan discoveries, they brought back a wealth of new data to include: plants and flora and plenty of natural sightings; GPS coordinates which mean new areas will be charted on Peru's maps; and a detailed account of the environmental and physical challenges in the Pantiacolla region.